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Information about Offender Education, Treatment Programs and Case Management.
Community High School of Vermont
Community High School of Vermont assists adult students by maintaining campuses throughout the state to develop personalized learning plans and provide coordinated learning opportunities that address educational and criminogenic needs to strengthen their skills in living, learning, and working.
Vermont Correctional Industries
The goal of Vermont 's Correctional Industries programs is to prepare offenders to earn a living when they rejoin society-at-large, and to be contributing members to our communities and economy.
Offender Responsibility Planning
Case Management and the Offender Responsibility Plan.
Vermont Treatment Program for Sexual Abusers
The Vermont Treatment Program for Sexual Abusers teaches offenders how to accept, understand, modify and maintain permanent changes in behavior relating to illegal sexual behavior.
Cognitive Self Change: a Program for Violent Offenders
The Cognitive Self Change Program teaches offenders convicted of violent offenses how to identify thoughts and attitudes that lead them to do violent acts, and teaches them how to find and use new thoughts and attitudes that don't.
Vermont Domestic Abuse Teams and Programs
Batterers Intervention Program (BIP), Network Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs, Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services.
Substance Abuse Programs
Substance Abuse Programs work to develop sober and drug-free lives among Vermont offenders and to reduce the social, economic, and criminal impact of substance abuse on the lives of victims, perpetrators, and the community.
Dept. of Corrections Transitional Housing Programs - FY 2018