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A look Around Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility

Here is a short tour of our facility.


A view of the front of Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility.

Front Entrance

The front entrance to the facility used for staff and visitor traffic.

Restrictive Housing

A standard cell in the Restrictive Housing Unit

Dining Hall

Meals are prepared on-site and served here in the Dining Hall

Visiting Room

Inmates are encouraged to visit regularly with family and friends

Education Building

Educational services are provided by the dedicated staff of CHSVT


A mural completed by a former student.

Jeff's Door

One of our Educators is a dedicated Red Sox Fan.


More artwork created by a former student

Our library

Our inmate maintained library includes a variety of books for educational and recreational reading

Shipwreck Mural

Another decorative mural created by a former student

Southwest Door

More decoration created by a student


Inmates enjoy regular recreation in our gym

Weight Equipment

Our gym includes work out equipment


An inmate worker ensures everyone has access to clean clothing

CFSS Office

The Shift Supervisor (CFSS) oversees the operations of the facility each shift

Alpha Unit

Alpha Unit is one of the general population living units here at MVRCF

Alpha dayroom

Inmates are encouraged to socialize in the unit dayroom

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